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A review of the psychological literature on MSWs provides a glimpse of. This is poignantly illus-. Here we see the casting of the MSW. The authors of this. The construction of the stigmatized virtual identity of the MSW can be seen.

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Later, with the advent of the. This was sometimes asserted even in the absence of data reporting unsafe sex. These authors and other. While the psychological view of homosex -. Perhaps in response to a trend set in motion by recent feminist literature on. However, many of these studies have utilized. To illustrate, Browne. They found that the men interviewed often described their experiences of sex. This shift in perspective encourages. Although work in the commercial sex industry is highly stigmatized by na -.

These strategies,. An MSW who engages in passing may endeavor to keep his membership in.


Use of this strategy may ex-. For this reason, covering may offer a more reasonable way of managing. In covering, the individual carefully monitors who and how. This option may allow the. It should not be assumed, however, that MSWs experience stigma uni -. As we have observed, they are a highly diverse population. Some researchers posit that gay and bisexual MSWs may experience a lesser. MSWs , and therefore possibly more acceptable, than it is in the heterosexual. Other authors theorize that because gay. The aim of the present study is to fill a gap in the psychological literature by.

MSWs who work independently as escorts by reaching clients through adver -.

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While some previous research has included escorts. It is hypothesized that gay and bisexual male escorts. The interviews will also be explored to identify. Fifty participants from New York City and the met-. Due to. The average length of time men reported working as escorts was 2 years,.

Participants were identified through advertisements in local gay publica -. An invita -. African American 5 HIV Negative 38 HIV Positive 6 No Main Partner 30 Has Male Main Partner 16 Has Female Main Partner 0 0. High School or Less 2 4. Some College 14 Other Sex Worker 14 Non-Sex Work Friend 9 Approached by Potential Client 9 Saw Ads for Sex Workers 3 6. Experience in Other Sex Work 3 6.

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Financial Need nondrug related 4 8. Financial Need drug related 1 2. Not Reported 3 6.

A total of. Fifty-seven men agreed to schedule an interview, two men declined participa -. Participants provided informed consent and then com -. The interview protocol included topics such as entry into sex work, level of. This allowed participants to express. All interviews. Interviews lasted from 45 to 75 min-. Transcripts were then reviewed by a member of the research team to. All identifying details were removed. Participants also provided de-. Interviews were organized utilizing a qualitative research software pro -.

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To further explore the nature of covering. These subcodes were disclose to. After reviewing these passages,. Excerpts from the interviews. As hypothesized, the gay and bisexual male escorts interviewed for this. However, the. Another participant described the stereo-.

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The stigmatized individual works to reconcile the dif -. The following frequencies and percentages reflect the. Positive Feelings About Escorting. Positive responses often mentioned sex work as interesting and an. I mean, I do feel altered [since beginning escorting].

I feel more in. I feel more forward thinking.

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And that has a lot to do with this work definitely. Many participants also described the freedom and flexibility of schedule sex. I was able to.